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  • 17+ countries
  • 65 audits conducted
  • 15 years in
    IT development
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We live during the times of “unprotected connection” and hackers. And quite an adequate reaction to this – is the desire to protect your project from hacking and stealing.

Why do you need a security audit
  • Contractor reliability check You are creating a new project, but are not sure about the reliability of a new contractor 1
  • Evaluation of the quality and safety of the code You bought a ready-made web application, but you can’t check its quality and code safety 2
  • Site account diagnostics There are concerns that the developer left himself a loophole in your account 3

We do not say that we are the best, but we know that it is safe with us

We have certified cyber security experts in our team (CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX and others)

Despite the fact that we are located in Ukraine – this does not prevent us from providing services all across the globe

We know all the news in the field of cybersecurity, so we can easily find errors

Our specialists regularly speak at IT conferences

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  • 1 Task definition

    Filling out the questionnaire and agreeing the scope of work

  • 2 Simulate attack

    We simulate a real hacker attack on your infrastructure, with the introduction of exploits and bypassing antivirus software.

  • 3 Testing

    If necessary, we develop new exploits to adapt to your specifics.

  • 4 Analysis

    View application code manually for vulnerabilities

  • 5 Report

    Fill out a detailed report with the classification of the problems identified and recommendations for their elimination.

What is the price of our services?
Security audit Starting from 900 EUR
  • Penetration Test (Pentest)
  • Audit code
  • DDoS Resistance Testing
  • WiFi security analysis
  • Web app audit
  • Mobile app audit
  • Perimeter Security Analysis
  • Internal Infrastructure Analysis
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Smart Contract

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Security audit

Pentest landing page and security audit of the entire IT infrastructure; Certificates CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX.

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