Blockchain Development & SmartContract - We make Blockchain Product that bring results

We make Blockchain Product
that brings results in investments

  • 70 smart contracts
  • 25 ITO held
  • 15 years in IT
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What problems you usually face when
placing your Blockchain StartUp?
Who we work for
You already own a business, but you can create new projects, the question remains only in investments
You have your own business, but you are looking for additional investment options for project development.
You have a brilliant idea that requires significant investments, but you do not know how to raise them

Every day more than 1000 brilliant ideas are born in the world,

which in the future cost € 1,000,000,000 each,

but as a rule, the main obstacle is the lack of investment ….

Let's asses the situation first
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We realized that these
factors set us apart from others.
Safe payments

We use escrow contract, which guarantees your safety


We are certified for audits. CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX

Testing Protocol

You get a smart contract that does not need additional testing or audit

Proven experience

70 developed smart-contracts that bring profit to owners

Sharing reputation

We place the faces of our team on your website.

You pay for reuslt

We go with together to the goal and reach softcap

What we do
Smart contracts from €550
  • Release your Token;
  • Reliable Smart contracts;
  • Investor's office (Dashboard);
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Blockchain development We make projects on Ethereum (ETH), Tron(TRX), EOS
  • Private and public blockchain;
  • Distributed register of shareholders;
  • Register of transactions and any digital assets.
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Code & Security audit from €490
  • Code audit of smart contracts;
  • Web & mobile pentest;
  • IT infrastructure security audit;
  • CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX certificates.
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Crypto Exchange Full development of your own Crypto Exchange in 30 days.
  • The exchange that will work for you.
  • 7000 operations per second
  • PCI DSS compliant;
  • Mobile client;
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People who will lead you to the result!
Andrey Ovcharenko Chief Executive Officer
Igor Shapatayev Head of Technical office
Olha Ovcharenko Chief Analyst
Evgeny Deev ICO Adviser
Alexander Strah Head of Blockchain Department
Ivan Bolonikhin Head of Business development office
Andrey Kolomiets Business development manager
Anna Grinko Head of Partnerships and Franchising
Our projects Over 20 completed projects

We`re creating a system that increases your capital.

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Pure p2p electronic cash for mass use by Generation Z

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Exchange of Crypto-currency
It’s easy. Clear. Profitable.


Financial solutions for your business!
Electronic payments on your website


Big AMT is the solution to automate your business processes.


Your Reliable Platform for Skilled and Qualified Construction Contractors and Clients
The best and easiest way to connect professional construction clients in your area.


We offer a platform that will allow decentralized trading with crops based on smart contracts, where all transactions will be carried out in BATT tokens.


FRee Start platform – infrastructure for creation of a real Economy 3.0


Decentralized blockchain platform for simple trading of cryptoassets

Helix Hills

HELIXHILLS Service Market utilizes Blockchain technology to help consumers, service providers, and professional consultants automate the processes of selecting business partners and executing deals, time tracking, project management, client billing with appropriate taxes and fees, and providing instant loans to verified users.

Global Ads Network

Global multi-media programmatic ad network based on blockchain and smart contract technology


BIGGEST CRYPTO Opportunity to Earn in Game take part in craziest AirDrops

в процессе

ROMAD Endpoint Defense Technology

True Proactive: The Frontier Antivirus

The Aegis of Blockchain Industry Protection

Autonomous security community with extensive participation of individual user nodes, enterprise user nodes, developer nodes and security expert nodes


The REPU system (abbreviated from English – “reputation”) is a revolutionary project that allows you to completely rethink the way social networks are perceived. REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology.

Gese 2.0
Blockchain, NFC and QR-code based technology to fight counterfeit problem in alcohol industry.
A blockchain driven system to protect against counterfeit alcohol from market professionals. Gese 2.0 tracks the route from the manufacturer to the consumer using the help of a unique NFC-tag.

Ubcoin successfully delivered its product. UBC tokens

The World news

TASKFAIR is a local services on demand platform connecting users with local businesses and contractors based in the US. TASKFAIR shifts home service website from a traditional approach to a global decentralized peer 2 peer platform protected by utilization of blockchain technology to ensure confidentiality, contracts safety and payment security.

в процессе

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Platform. Trusted Globally

Buy, sell, and store digital assets on a secure and compliant platform. Covesting offers variety of features for both beginners and professional traders.

Enter UNICO. By leveraging non-fungible token (NFT) technology, we can track smart assets and, whenever relevant, enable ownership transfers via the EOS blockchain.

NFTs unleash the huge potential of next-generation secure “Ebays” for smart assets.

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