Audit of a smart contract for 5 days, which will increase the security of your project by 3 times.

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You may not even know the problems of your smart contract, you may think that this is the way it should be, but at one point a large amount of money may just disappear …

What can a smart contract hide within
  • Errors when programming In the Solidity language, in which all smart contracts are created; 1
  • Errors in logic When at a certain sequence of steps means can be frozen forever 2
  • Use of obsolete instructions May result in several times the cost of transactions and the use of gas 3
  • Discrepancy with technical assignment What will definitely affect the credibility of the project in the crypto community and inverters 4

Remember that you are working with money, in the interests of founders and investors to get the benefit from each project, and not to lose millions of dollars.

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    How audit works
  • 1 Prepayment

    Make a payment

  • 2 View code

    We review the contract code manually for known vulnerabilities,.

  • 3 Unit testing

    If necessary, we write unit tests for doubtful moments.

  • 4 Check

    Check for compliance with the specification.

  • 5 Correction

    Fixing of vulnerabilities

Safe payments

We use escrow contract, which guarantees your safety


We are certified for audits. CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX

Testing Protocol

You get a smart contract that does not need additional testing or audit

Proven experience

70 developed smart-contracts that bring profit to owners

What is the price of our services?
Smart Contract Audit Price starting from 390 USD
  • Audit code
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Logic analysis on the issue of fraud on the part of the contract owner
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