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Smart contract audit for Paygine project

Smart contract audit for Paygine project.

Project’s web-site:

Code repository:

The version of the contracts for which the audit was conducted:

Classification of identified problems

CRITICAL – the possibility of theft of the ETH/tokens or their blocking without the possibility of restoring access or other loss of ether / tokens due to any party, for example, dividends.
SERIOUS – the possibility of violations of the contract, in which to restore its correct operation, it is necessary to modify the state of the contract manually or completely replace it.
WARNINGS – the possibility of violation of the planned logic of the contract or the possibility of organizing a DoS attack on the contract.
NOTES – all other remarks.

Methodology of audit
The contract code is manually scanned for known vulnerabilities, logic errors, WhitePaper compliance. If necessary, unit tests are written for questionable moments.

Identified problems

– None.

– None.

– None.

Tokens can only be burned to the nearest integer.